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Side Effects May Include Happiness

How To Trade Your 9-To-5 Misery For Your Life’s Passion

How many people do you know, including yourself, who live a 9-to-5 lifestyle and are genuinely happy?

I am referring to those who feel fulfilled, who know that they are living the life they always dreamed of, and were meant to live. I would guess you don’t know many.






Lessons you won’t learn about in business school!

What allows a millionaire who has lost everything to quickly rebuild that fortune?

What allows a millionaire who has lost everything to quickly rebuild that fortune, especially while others struggle for years to figure out how to make their first million and never get there? The truth is that success is a learned skill and 20/20 Hindsight will teach you the real life lessons you need to know ahead of time. Even seasoned entrepreneurs can benefit from some of the profound lessons Parviz shares to accelerate their trajectory toward higher levels of success!



20/20 Hindsight

Additional Lessons!

Reading 20 / 20 HINDSIGHT ADDITIONAL LESSONS will provide profound insight into lessons that can only be learned through experience.

This sequel to the original 20/20 HINDSIGHT provides additional priceless lessons that you won’t learn about in business school. These lessons can save you enormous resources, both in time and money, that are otherwise inescapable when traveling the road toward financial independence.




The Secrets of Wealth

Discover the financial principles responsible for every fortune ever made.

Learn how you too can apply these principles step-by-step, to create your own fortune.

In all methods of wealth creation there are common ingredients. These are universal principles that cause money to multiply, but precious few individuals fully understand the power they hold.



Instant Insights on…

MOTIVATION: Your Master Key to Success and Riches

Discover how to get and stay motivated from the deepest core of your being.

Most people find it very difficult to tap into their source of real motivation and this keeps them from accomplishing anything that would provide real success and fulfillment in their lives. Instead they lead a life of mediocrity, never knowing that they could easily break out and live their dreams by simply learning how to become motivated.