Meet the Author


For 25 years, Parviz Firouzgar has been the owner of numerous multi-million dollar companies in a variety of industries, sometimes running several ventures simultaneously, both for profit and nonprofit entities.

Some of Parviz’s companies involved the use of investor funds of up to several million dollars. As mentioned, one investor walked away with $1.7 million dollars in one year as a result of his confidence in the author’s abilities when Parviz was just in his 20’s.

Parviz founded a mortgage company and employed over 500 loan officers. He wrote business plans for startup companies that helped them raise many millions in startup capital. After he discovered a new way of raising funds, he expanded into the charitable arena. Within one year, his company was supporting 2300 needy children around the world, providing all their food, clothing and education.

Parviz has been in the direct mail and sweepstakes business, mailing so many millions of pieces of mail each month that his local post office had to expand their operations. Most recently, he has been in the precious metals and diamond business, including owning a gold mine.

Parviz was a radio talk show host and a long time instructor for Income Builders International (IBI), now called CEO Space, an entrepreneurial forum with internationally recognized instructors, such as: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor, T. Harv Eker, John Gray and Lisa Nichols.

Raised in Europe,Parviz speaks four languages. He has been accepted for membership in Mensa and Intertel, both high I.Q. societies.