20 / 20 Hindsight

ADDITIONAL LESSONS for Entrepreneurs
That You Won’t Learn About In Business School

After the tremendous international success of the author’s original 20/20 Hindsight, this sequel provides additional lessons learned from his career as an entrepreneur.

2020ButtonTogether, these two books can take the mystery out of becoming an entrepreneur and provide a virtually impenetrable defense against failure for those contemplating the leap.

For existing entrepreneurs reading 20 / 20 HINDSIGHT ADDITIONAL LESSONS will provide profound insight into lessons that can only be learned through experience.

These lessons can therefore save enormous resources, both in time and money, that are otherwise inescapable when traveling the road toward financial independence.

Parviz’s conversational writing style makes the reading of his books both informative and enjoyable. Join him in the rarified world where you can live your dream by creating your future the way you always envisioned it.



Praise for 20/20 Hindsight – Additional Lessons

“I have read all three of Parviz’s books and this may be his best so far! The list of things I learned is very long. It’s like he took five best-selling books and combined them into one. I found Parviz’s business journey to be incredibly valuable. He provides actionable steps I can use immediately. Although this is an info-packed book it is still an easy read. Thank you!”

Chella Diaz, Author/Speaker/Coach and Founder of Keys To Your Destiny
“Another awesome book by Parviz. Like his first 20/20 Hindsight, this sequel provides insightful lessons that immediately affected how I do business. I only wish I had learned some of these lessons sooner. It would have saved me a lot of time and money. Thank you Parviz! Please don’t stop writing books.”

David Davis II, President, Anything For You
“If you thought Parviz’s last book was awesome just wait until you dive into 20/20 Hindsight – Additional lessons! With this follow-up to 20/20 Hindsight, Parviz continues his insightful journey through what it takes to be successful in today’s world. And like his last book, this book too is based on his numerous personal entrepreneurial successes. Parviz not only tells you all the dos and don’ts of starting a business, he explains his advice to you through stories from his life. His words come through as though he were sitting there in the room explaining the ins and outs of business to you personally. Parviz’s words encourage, teach, warn, comfort, and pull you forward on your own journey to success. And after you finish reading and learning from this book, I strongly suggest that you read all of his other books as well. You will wish you had read them years ago!”
Thomas Messerschmidt, Founder of the California Institute of Robotics
“Calling all business owners and entrepreneurs! If you’ve been looking for a mentor who caringly guides you as you launch or grow your business, you must read this book. In his sequel to 20/20 Hindsight, Parviz continues offering indispensible information gleaned through his experiences. He covers topics such as how to select your venture, which traditional advice NOT to follow, how to handle success and – most importantly – working on yourself. He even includes an entire chapter of frequently asked questions and their answers. As he puts it, “let my 20/20 hindsight be your 20/20 foresight”. So grab a cup of coffee, your notepad or laptop, and start reading.”

Silvica Rosca, Founder TheSilReview.com
“20/20 Hindsight – Additional Lessons not only provides the treasure map to being successful but also acts as a critical guide to developing emotional intelligence!”
B. Smith, Former Federal Regulator Department of the Treasury
“In business, much like in life, we don’t have all the time in the world to make all the mistakes needed to learn. Parviz gives us great insight into what we will encounter and what we should avoid. He also shows how your mentality is crucial for success in business. Parviz put me at ease knowing that my thoughts are valid and that my ‘struggles’ are part of the journey.”

Haidee Gomez, Entrepreneur
“Parviz Firouzgar has written an important follow up to his original 20/20 Hindsight with more insightful and indispensible lessons that are not to be missed. This book focuses on personal development and understanding the true meaning of personal and financial success and how the two mirror each other. Used as a blueprint for success, this book will save the reader from making countless mistakes, thereby saving both time and money.”
Stephen Kent, Entrepreneur